Travel Firms Urged to Act on Latest Move by Google

Travel firms are being urged to set up Google + brand pages following the internet giant’s revelation that it will be incorporating Google + into its search results to give users more relevant results.

Social marketing agency Greenlight hailed the move as the biggest change to Google in the past five years and said it was one businesses should not ignore.

Google + is similar to Facebook, except users can set up different social circles on their accounts, so for example they can have one for friends, another for family members and a separate one for business.

Crucially, Google + users can +1 websites, which is similar to pressing the ‘Like’ button on Facebook, so effectively making a personal recommendation to all their acquaintances. When users search for a website using Google, they will be able to see in the search results if anyone in their Google + circles has recommended the site.

Chief operating office of Greenlight Andreas Pouros described Google + as a huge opportunity for companies to increase their online presence. Having a decent Google + brand page, with relevant content, will enable them to appear higher in search engine rankings, he said

Companies that don’t have a Google + brand page risk their rivals slipping in and snapping up their customers, he warned.

Pouros added: “This is a major change to how Google’s search results are assembled and something brands and business with an online presence cannot afford to ignore.”

By Linsey McNeill