Travel Apps Unveiled for Facebook Timeline

Several travel companies including social travel site Gogobot and TripAdvisor have launched their apps for Facebook Timeline.

Commenting on the initiative, Gogobot says it is making easy for its members to harness the power of the social graph. The company’s app lets friends turn to one another for travel advice and share trip plans, photos, recommendations and personal travel guides straight to their Facebook Timeline.

The company says it is one of the first travel companies featured in Facebook’s launch. “This highlights how travel has become a core social behaviour and how Gogobot is leading the category,” said Travis Katz, CEO of Gogobot.

“Our travels serve as bookmarks in our lives that evoke memories and feelings of friends, family and experiences.  The places we go and the things we see say a lot about who we are as individuals. By integrating with Facebook’s Timeline, Gogobot makes it possible to integrate the stories of your travels into the greater context of your life,”  said Katz.

Users can start adding their travel content to their Facebook Timeline by connecting at From their Gogobot profile, users can opt-in to add Gogobot to their Timeline on Facebook, allowing them to share and feature all of their travel activity, including: An interactive map of all of the places they have visited; Upcoming trip plans and questions; Favourite destinations; Their travel expertise score and badges; Customised postcards taken with Gogobot’s iPhone application; Links to their Gogobot reviews; Places users want to visit.

Among others, TripAdvisor, too, recently shared that Cities I’ve Visited is making its official debut on Facebook’s Timeline.

Wipolo shared that through its unique partnership with the largest social network in the world, one can now share  Wipolo travels in real-time on Facebook.