Facebook? It’s Simple, According to Tourism Australia

Keep Facebook and social media strategies simple and find a tone that speaks to your audience, ABiC Melbourne delegates were told today.

Jesse Desjardins, Social Media & Advocacy Manager, Global Public Relations for Tourism Australia, said industry officials should focus on what gets results.

He said the key behind Tourism Australia’s Facebook page tipping the two-million fan mark, which means it has more followers than Kylie Minogue on the social networking site, is not to make it too complicated.

“Facebook is part of our lives; we’re always connected. Backpackers communicate with their friends in real life on their smart phones,” Mr Desjardins said.

“The web is being built around people. It’s a completely different experience for every web user if it’s linked to Facebook,” he added, referencing the site’s new Timeline which records a user’s history.

“They can see which of their friends have interacted with your site. So instead of promoting your company to random people, it’s showing what I do to my contacts.

“Brand pages are going to be using the Timeline method as well, so you can see your lifelong activity with the brand.”

He acknowledged many backpacking industry representatives will be using Facebook on a smaller scale, but urged them to find “fun, quirky ways” to promote themselves.

“Find the right message for the right platform in the right tone and right voice,” he said.

“Keep it simple and do it well; don’t try to make it too complicated.

“We’ve integrated social media into everything we do.

“Sometimes there is no simple solution, other than rolling up your sleeves and don’t the hard work – and you have to genuinely like people, which isn’t a problem in this industry.”

Mr Desjardins was speaking at the Melbourne ABiC today. It’s the first time the conference has been held outside Sydney in its 16-year history.

(Source: http://bit.ly/wau6cv)