New App to Pave Way for Meaningful Travel Experiences

A new travel app that encourages its users to give more context to the experience than just a photo has been launched.

The AFAR mobile app is now available in the iTunes App Store. It has been launched by San Francisco-based AFAR Media.

The company says its app is different from traditional travel/photo-sharing tools. AFAR has tapped into the power of community and the network by creating an app that – in conjunction with the media company’s other platforms – intuitively enables experiential travellers. and the mobile app connect users with others who seek meaningful travel experiences, both within their social networksand beyond them.

Travellers can browse, discover, and share trip “Highlights” – a photo with a short description, geo-tagged by location – which act as online bookmarks to offline experiences. Travellers can browse Highlights when they’re dreaming of a trip, remembering one, or planning their next trip.








Derek Butcher, chief technology officer, AFAR Media, said, “We want to be a resource for the entire travel process, from inspiration to being there. Plus, we are a media company with a breadth of curated and user-generated content in the magazine and online. In every way, we are essentially offering a complete eco-system for experiential travellers. The app will only enhance that.”

Butcher said there are many photo sharing apps out there but they are more of an unstructured stream of content.

“Once something falls off the end of the stream, it is gone. AFAR’s app encourages the user to give more context to the experience than just a photo, and then we index and categorize all of the individual experiences, creating a repository of great travel experiences that are easily discoverable based on where you want to go and what you want to do,” said Butcher.

Fresh out of beta, has a new homepage that now offers a selection of featured highlights, questions and answers from users, curated content, video, and the popular Spin the Globe feature.

The company also plans to add a transaction capability in the future.