Queen’s Day in Amsterdam

By Colm Hanratty

I’ve been too lucky over the last few years when it comes to festivals. I’ve been to Oktoberfest three times, Las Fallas once and made it to Festes de la Merce in Barcelona one year. Another I’ve been to a few times (three to be precise) is Queen’s Day – the biggest festival of the year in the Netherlands. Something I always enjoy is looking over the photos I took over the years. So much so that I’ve decided to make a post dedicated to them.

Picking what image to start with was easy. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you two men in bright, orange suits.

See, the thing you have to remember is that almost everybody is wearing something orange. Honestly – almost everybody.

Pretty much everywhere you look you see something orange (it’s the Dutch national colour in case you haven’t realised by now).

Something else you see a lot of is people – approximately one million people pour on to the Dutch capital every year on 30th April (the day Queens Day takes place).

The Dutch are very good at throwing a street party for the day it has to be said. At almost every square and open space there’s a stage with live music or DJs thumping out tunes.

In some places the party is bigger than in others…

Then in some squares people like to take it a tiny bit easier, enjoying the spring weather with a cold Heineken or Amstel.

It’s argued that the best place to celebrate the day is from a boat on one of the city’s canals. As you can see, it’s a popular thing to do.

As is walking along the canals from street party to street party.

As you’d expect, those letting their hair down on the boats going down the canals dress in orange for the day.

If they’re not wearing orange they’ll at least make sure their boat is.

Those who don’t make it on to a boat can simply look on and wish…

Did I mention that a lot of people wear something orange?

The famous ‘Iamsterdam’ sign gets attacked for the day.

When a lot of the partying is done many retire to the city’s most famous park Vondelpark for some rest and relaxation.

But DJs continue the party into the evening.

And revellers party till dusk anywhere possible

Did I mention that you should wear something orange?

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Have you been to Queen’s Day in the Netherlands?