TripAdvisor Promises Best Possible Rate With Tingo

TripAdvisor has launched a new booking tool that guarantees customers will receive the best possible hotel rate, even giving refunds if the price drops after the booking is made.

The new site, called Tingo, aims to take the gamble out of booking a hotel room and says it will automatically refund customers the price difference if the rates go down.

According to the site, which launched this week, about a third of hotel rooms drop in price between the time of booking and checking-in, but the discounts have never been passed on to customers.

Smarter Travel Media general manager David Krauter, who runs the site for TripAdvisor, believes the new site will greatly benefit travellers who are looking for the best possible rates.

“Travellers could have saved millions last year had there been a simple system in place that automatically rebooked their rooms,” Mr Krauter said.

“And that’s what Tingo does, by taking the gamble out of booking and refunding travellers’ money when rates drop. It’s a no-brainer.”

The Tingo website will notify guests via e-mail every time the price drops and will receive an automatic refund to their credit card within days.

Customers will not be charged the difference if the price goes up.