The Digital Marketer Benchmark and Trend Report 2012

The latest version of Experian Marketing Services’ annual report provides a fresh perspective on the digital landscape and how brands can influence more meaningful connections with customers.

A marketer’s analysis shouldn’t start with a technology or a channel, but with a deeper understanding of customers and how they live and consume information in this digital world.

As always, this year’s report contains trend information, predictive benchmark data and analytical insight necessary for business leaders to maximize digital marketing opportunities and return on investment. Learn actionable ways to actively engage customers in conversations while delivering relevant experiences.

Just a few insights from the report:

– 91% of today’s online adults use social media regularly;
– Revenue per email averages 2x higher for ‘Friends and Family’ campaigns;
– 28% of smartphone owners watch video on their phone in a typical month; and
– Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter.

Download the full report at Experian (free registration)