Travellers Looking for Local Information in Social Media Contacts with Hotels

The results are in from last weeks USA Today reader poll about what travelers expect from their hotel’s social media contact, and it’s clear now what they don’t want from hotels’ Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels: Local weather or traffic info.

The No. 1 choice: Finding local info: What the survey did reveal is that that readers are most eager to obtain valuable, hard-to-get local information when talking to a Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn or other hotel social media account.

That could be a new hot bar, a restaurant considered a hidden gem or an event being held in the vicinity.

A close second: Rants and raves: Readers are almost as likely to to use hotels’ Twitter, Facebook accounts to “rant or rave about a hotel experience.”

Responding to an inquiry via Twitter, traveler Marija Bekafigo told me via e-mail that her last Twitter correspondence with a hotel was to do just that.

“The very last time I tweeted to a hotel was to tell St. Regis that a manager went above and beyond what was necessary to fix a problem with our stay in Punta Mita, Mexico,” wrote Bekafigo, an assistant professor of political science at the University of Southern Mississippi.