Meininger Opens in Amsterdam City West

You see them at the breakfast table at or evening in the kitchen while Together pancakes: a businessman from Germany, an Australian backpacker, a family of the Veluwe and a group of Englishmen with a hangover from the bachelor party the previous evening.

Right next to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station, Meininger Hotel Amsterdam City West opened its doors in an empty office building.

A durable three-star hotel and hostel under one roof that focuses on a wide audience.

This is the seventeenth establishment in Europe of the ho (s) that include call scion in Berlin – where the origin – and London to find.

“The largest room can accommodate up to seven people overnight,” says general manager Pieter Bas Litsenburg.

Families, football, friends, clubs, student associations. And of course individual travelers. In which hostel you can find a flat screen television in the room and a soap dispenser in the shower?

The mix of a three star hotel and a hostel is unique.

“The theme of the hotel, with room for 750 guests in 219 rooms, is the old masters. This is reflected in the life-size images of two characters from the Night Watch by Rembrandt van Rijn at reception and in the joint sitting of Vermeer’s Milkmaid and a self-portrait of Jan Steen. The modern version that is. “These are all colleagues in costumes that depict the paintings,” Van Litsenburg.

The guest what learn about art, what is the chain has in mind. During the official opening on August 12, making one hundred artists from the German Dawanda – an online marketplace for handmade products – from a hundred rooms a mini-gallery.

“The artists show their work and give workshops. We have done this in Berlin and there were 3500 people on it.The queue for the door to far up the street. ”

For the staff in offices around the station works, the hotel comes with more commotion in the neighborhood.

“You see them now flocking to the frietkot at the station, but now they can come to us a cup of coffee. We also have an outdoor patio. We want to connect people. ”

Because in the vicinity of the hotel is not much to do, there are evening activities are organized.

“On a big screen Wii games can be played and we want to show movies. While you are using public transport at your door in five minutes by tram in town, not everyone wants evening out. ”

According to Van Litsenburg the hotel is on a sort of seven leaps.

Close to public transport, closer than the Schiphol airport hotels, room for a private garage.

“It’s a logistical dream.”

Not only the Anne Frank House and the Wester tempt tourists.

“Everyone knows it. We also promote the other side of Amsterdam. We rent bicycles so they can ride around here.

There is such a beautiful route from here to Ruigoord. Orlyplein get next to a flow function now also feature a stay. ”