Quirky hostels around the world

Ten unusual backpacker haunts, from former bomb shelters to a hostel in a tree house.

Yasin’s Place: the Cave Hotel
Location: Cappadocia, Turkey
The guest rooms at Yasin’s Place are found in an authentic Cappadocian cave house. Thousands of years ago humans began carving homes into the region’s rocks and fairy chimneys, some of which are still used today. The Cave Hotel still shows signs of these former uses and aims to give travellers a taste of life as a cave-dweller. Guests can stay in the kitchen, the winery, or even the pigeon coop.

Jail House
Christchurch, New Zealand
This historic hostel dates back to 1874 from the Gothic Revival period in architecture. It was used as a jail and military camp until 1999, before all prisons were relocated to the fringes of Christchurch. The building has survived several natural disasters in the past 138 years and has maintained its original structure until present day times.

The Bunker
Location: Verbier, Switzerland
The Bunker is an underground hostel found a former atomic bomb shelter. It may feel dark and isolated but offers a cheap, no-frills stay in one of the most expensive ski resorts in the Swiss Alps.

 Hawaii, US
Hedonisia is a playful, Tarzan-inspired hostel located in 3.72 acres of rainforest in Hawaii. Its facilties include a guava hut, a remodelled school bus, tents in an old barn, a jungle cottage, camp sites and stylish cabins. Everything at this green hostel is made from recycled or locally-sourced materials.

Karosta Prison
This former military prison has seen the deaths of over a hundred war time criminals and was notorious for its violence. The building is said to be haunted by the spirits of the departed inmates. All bookings are processed by uniformed officers and guests are given a walking tour of its historic premises as part of their stay.

The Tree House Poste Rojo
Granada, Nicaragua
This large treehouse on the road between Granada and San Juan del Sur has a range of housing available, from furnished private treehouses to shared dorm rooms. For money savers, there are also covered hammocks available to rent outside for under a fiver.
The Tree House Poste Rojo is also known for hosting the best Full Moon parties in the jungle.

Hostel Ritz
Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Hostel Ritz is found inside a rather stylish building on Avenida de Mayo in Buenos Aires, in the historic heart of the city. The hostel offers high-quality rooms with free wifi and comfortable beds as well as a restaurant and pub.

The Rising Cock
 Lagos, Portugal
The Rising Cock is located on the pristine coast of the Algarve, with its glistening beaches and year-round great weather. Guests stay in eight person dorms at this party hostel known for its loud all-night festivities.

St Briavels
Location: Gloucestershire, UK
This Norman-era castle from the 1100s was an administrative centre before it became a hunting lodge in 1205. Several haunting tales, including that of a baby crying out in the night, have kept guests searching the hostel for ghosts. This stunning work of architecture is located on one of the most beautiful regions of the English countryside.

Island Vibe Backpackers
Location: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Located on the sand dunes overlooking South Africa’s Kitchen Windows beach, Island Vibe Backpackers is a great base for surfing and partying on the beach while enjoying the view of South Afircan waters, including the famous Supertubes waves, found a short ride from the hostel.
Guests can chose from communal dorm-style rooms as well as singles and doubles, with camping facilities and surfing equipment also on hand. For non-surfers, game safaris and horse riding are other available activity options.