Benchmarking makes you more money!

If you find this concept disagreeable, then look away now…..

hostelbench_square_logo_blueHave you ever wondered how you are comparing to other hostels in your neighbourhood or even to similar styled hostels on the other side of the world?

Whether you’re a city-centre, extra-large hostel or a boutique adventure-oriented hideaway, benchmarking will help you to make informed decisions when pricing and organising your bed-stock.

Why benchmarking, why now? Here’s why:

1. You make more money per available bed:
Our future pricing reports for instance, will show you clearly what the market (think consumer), is willing you pay. You get to make an informed decision on what you would like to charge.

2. Take the guesswork out of pricing:
Compare your prices directly with your competitors. This is done by aggregating your competitors’ prices together and presenting the average price back to you. In this way NO ONE HOSTEL’S data is ever exposed.

3. Know which bed-types are performing best throughout the year:
Whether 4-bed private or 12-bed dorm you get to see which bed types are performing best for you and when. As the seasons change so too can your room-type classifications and bed-type configurations.

4. Free your mind:
Instead of trawling the channel providers for advertised internet rates, consolidate the search and get a whole-market view by using hostelbench.

Don’t just take our word for it: here’s what the hostels had to say when we asked them why they would use benchmarking:

“Quite simply why wouldn’t you. Understanding what is happening in your market is a key component to driving business performance. Other industries have done it for years!” Phil Houghton, Director, Starboard Hotels

“We are keen at keeping things simple. Benchmarking is a game changer for businesses that ask the question “have our customers been given great value for their money “. Without it you have a finger in the air…” Paul Payne, Hoax Hostel, Liverpool

“….to make more money” Sergi Pages, Urbany Hostels, Barcelona

Put yourself on the map and register today:

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About Hostelbench
Hostelbench is the performance-based benchmarking service for hostels.  The fully-automated, online service allows hostels of all sizes to make informed decisions when pricing their bed-stock. Benefits include future-view pricing, complete market data and Competitive Set performance

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