The Student Hotel wins Best Hotel Concept Award

The prestigious Venuez Hospitality & Style Award 2012 was won by STAY WYSE member The Student Hotel Rotterdam this week. The team headed by Scotsman Charlie MacGregor received the Best Hotel Concept Award during a festive evening at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam.

The jury of Holland’s primary hotel award described The Student Hotel as a very user-friendly concept, strengthened by an attractive design and identity: “Shared facilities encourage social interaction thereby further enhancing the concept. A beautiful project that can serve as an example for the future hospitality industry”.

“We are delighted and proud to receive this important price. The jury recognizes our mission to build high-quality and innovative accommodation for young talent from around the world,” said founder Charlie MacGregor. “We look forward to continuing our success and work hard to open The Student Hotel in many leading university cities.”

About the winner:

The Student Hotel Rotterdam opened in September 2012 with more than 250 rooms and suites. International students from over 50 different countries have embraced this new form of accommodation. The student rooms have been fully booked since the opening. During the summer months rooms are popular with youth travel, summer schools and language school students.

The Student Hotel combines traditional hotel and student accommodation features. Its brand is build on a Live & Learn philosophy. Fully furnished rooms come with shared facilities such as a library, study rooms, work stations, fitness, on-site bar and restaurant, laundry and reception. A former office building from the 1940’s, the entire building is converted into a dynamic community with a strong visual identity and lot’s of vintage furniture and re-used materials. Special Friends & Family rooms are available for short stay and regular hotel guests.

The Student Hotel is owned and operated by City Living Management. Founded by Charlie MacGregor and headquartered in Amsterdam, the company is planning to open 12 hotels within the next three years. The Student Hotel Amsterdam opens this Summer with 700 rooms. Supported by investment partner The Carlyle Group, the company seeks to manage a portfolio of 5.000 rooms.