Hostelling International: Earth Hour Update

Earth Hour was founded by Andy Ridley in Sydney, Australia, where on 31st of March in 2007 2.2 million inhabitants and 2,100 businesses participated.

HI-Earth-Hour-2013-282x400The plan was to make the Earth Hour a national event in Australia but the international interest was very high and cities from all over the world started to sign up for the next campaign.

This year, the Earth Hour which took place on 23rd of March attracted a massive international interest as well. Many National Associations and Hostels within the HI network contributed to its success, motivating others to join.

Here are just a few of the things that were happening around the world in support of Earth Hour 2013:

Montana Family & Youth hostel in Bergen turned off all lights and switched to a candlelight concert in the living room. The Bergen band Ramasjang with musicians from different musical backgrounds played an interesting scope of soundscapes and styles.

Both local community and hostel guests were invited to join the International Earth Hour where they could enjoy organised entertainment and had a coffee on the house.

Canberra City YHA was celebrating Earth Hour with a glow stick party whilst guests at Sydney Harbour YHA were enjoying free hot chocolate on the roof terrace and watched Sydney plunge into darkness.

In addition, Thredbo YHA (New South Wales) had an outdoor fire, toasting marshmallows and serving up hot chocolate warmed on the fire.

All guests came out by the fire so the hostel staff could turn off lights; exhaust fans, computers, and quiet down the hum of electricity.

The same applied to Grampians YHA (Victoria) where hostel guests sang and played a guitar by candlelight first for an hour, then another hour and before they knew it, 1am had arrived and still the lights were not back on! All the guests had a night to remember.

Como YH  invited its guests to have dinner by candlelight and YH “La Casa Sul Lago” of Torricella, for the day dedicated to the Earth Hour decided to turn off all the lights for two hours, using candles and paper they normally use for recycling has been given to a school class of children who spent the night in the hostel, to make drawings on the theme of the attention to the environment.