L.A. Times: Generator makes hostel stays even more affordable

generator-berlin-hostel-berlin-1257341485-rev8-img1-160Generator, a boutique-style hostel group, is offering a Passport Program that it says will make travel easier and more affordable for folks knocking around Europe this summer and fall.

Every time guests stay at one of Generator’s eight locations, they can collect a destination stamp — sort of like a passport stamp.

Here’s how it works:

  • After guests have collected seven destination stamps, they’ll get five free nights for two people.
  • Or two free nights for two people with five destination stamps
  • Or one free night for two people after collecting three destination stamps
  • Guests collecting the stamps will receive a specially designed T-shirt at each hostel they visit. City guides and tours are also available at each location.

Berlin has two Generator hostels, while Copenhagen; Barcelona, Spain; London; Hamburg, Germany; Dublin, Ireland; and Venice, Italy, each have one. Room options range from private to dorm. Rates for a dorm room (can you say bunk bed?) start at about $12 for many Generator properties, and average about $26 per night, per person, depending on the season and location.

For more details on the Passport Program, please click here.