Response from Hostelworld

Following the recent news published today on STAY WYSE regarding the global concern over the new Hostelworld contract, STAY WYSE requested a response from Hostelworld on this matter. The following was received from John O’Donnell, Chief Operating Officer of

hostelworld“Hostelworld has played an integral part in how budget travel has evolved and flourished over the last decade. Like all businesses within the sector, the company has had to evolve and adapt to developments in the market place and respond to the changing needs of its customers, properties and other partners. As most of the industry is currently aware, Hostelworld is in the process of implementing a new standard contract with all property partners. The new agreement reflects recent changes in the industry and will ensure that Hostelworld remains current and relevant within the sector.

The existing T&Cs, whilst they underwent some minor revision in 2010, are actually over 10 years old and do not reflect the significant advances in travel, technology and digital marketing. The new T&Cs provide more protection to the online customer and ensure that we can all adapt faster to changes in the marketplace and increased competitive activity. These updated T&Cs provide greater detail and clarity on much of what is already in the existing T&Cs and reflect what is already operational practice.

As such, Hostelworld is only requesting to provide marketing services on a similar basis to other OTAs that many operators already work with. It will allow Hostelworld to compete with these major OTAs for customer acquisition which in turn should enable Hostelworld to generate more bookings and help fill more beds, more nights of the year.

There has been some confusion in relation to some of the T&Cs and subsequent misinformation in the public domain. Hostelworld continues to be committed to its strong relationships with property partners and is proactively engaging with them to address any specific queries in relation to the new agreement.”

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