Argentinean Chamber of Hostels recommends the acceptance of Hostelworld contract

Following news published on STAY WYSE regarding the new Hostelworld contract, the association has received positive notifications regarding the recent amendments to the contract. The recommendation to accept the new contract by the Argentinean Chamber of Hostels Board was announced in an email to the Argentinean Hostel Community:

Dear Members, Non Members and colleagues of the Argentinean Hostel Community,

LOGO 2After many months of discussions and negotiations, the CAH can finally recommend the acceptance of Hostelworld´s new contract.

It is worth highlighting the good will and flexibility offered b y Web Reservations International throughout this process, taking into consideration suggestions and amendments made by the CAH and other national associations. The new agreement provides for more favourable conditions for Hostels than those in force in contracts from other Online Travel Agencies (OTA´s).

We believe that accepting the new contract is a step forward towards the good relation between Hostels and Hostelworld. However, we strongly maintain that there are still two issues that the CAH recommends to continue working in, in order to reach better conditions:

a) Permit to use brands in online advertisement. Many members have expressed their concern in this respect. We recommend to further discuss this issue with HW agents, as we believe it should not be too difficult to reach an agreement about it.

b) ELEVATE program. Even though this proposal is not part of the contract, the CAH understands that this program will bring no benefits for the Hostels´ market; instead, it will only lead to the cannibalization of the market with lower profits and higher commissions.

Sincerely Yours,
Argentinian Chamber of Hostels Board

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