YHA New Zealand launches new travel app

YHA New Zealand has launched an essential new travel app for smartphones to help travellers access better information for the best possible travel experiences. The YHA New Zealand Travel App draws from multiple databases that access the combined knowledge of thousands of travellers to create a super travel app database.

YHA NZ 72dpi full colourDesigned to help travellers get to wherever their wanderlust may lead, the free YHA New Zealand travel app will point travellers in the direction of the nearest supermarket, closest pit-stop, petrol station, free WiFi hotspots and more.

Travellers will also get hot and handy tips from locals and fellow travellers who have trod the path before as well as up-to-the-minute information on road conditions, accidents, roadworks and closures. And because this app links directly to Google Maps, traveller’s will get the best possible directions from point A to point B and beyond.

The YHA New Zealand Travel App connects direct to YHA’s mobile website so travellers can sleep easy by using the app to locate and easily book the nearest YHA while on the road.

The app is about making life easier for YHA’s guests. YHA New Zealand Chief Executive, Mark Wells, says, “Using the Geozone model that draws from a central pool of resources means that YHA can deliver high quality information to our guests – information that we couldn’t collate on our own – and it allows us to wrap the YHA brand and information around the app. It’s a brilliant concept, perfect for today’s travellers and we’re delighted to be the first network to adopt the model.”

YHA New Zealand is testing this technology so other companies and organisations can capitalise on the concept. The more networks that use the centralised database the higher the quality of information provided to travellers.

The app has been developed as part of the GeoZone project and founder Adam Hutchinson found it refreshing to work with YHA, who he describes as innovators within the tourism industry. “From the initial meeting with YHA New Zealand, it was clear that the organisation shared the same motivation to make it easier for people to travel around New Zealand. By using proven smartphone technology, and sharing proven data sources, we partnered to create the YHA New Zealand Travel App, a tool for travellers to help them see this beautiful country and make it easier to travel responsibly. With an increasing number of tourists carrying smartphones into the country, we see this as being an exciting opportunity to make some real change.”

Download the YHA New Zealand Travel App from the iTunes app store or on Google Play for Android phones. 

Download the app from iTunes:

Download the app for Android phones from Google Play: