TripAdvisor urged to create new channel dedicated to hostels

Excerpt from Tnooz

As TripAdvisor attempts to position itself at the centre of the online world, one group of accommodation owners is not impressed at being sidelined.

TnoozLogoGiven that the global hostel industry is estimated to be growing at a rate of some 37% over the past decade and is now a $34 billion industry, Mor argues, having TripAdvisor list some hostels under speciality lodging is “effectively a graveyard”.

“It’s illogical, since we have the same facilities as many hotels, and having one listing page would benefit consumers greatly in their search for hostel accommodation when travelling around the world.”

Backers of a campaign to urge TripAdvisor to make a change so there is a dedicated channel for hostels include Meininger, Clink Hostels, Europe’s Famous Hostels and youth travel organisation, STAY WYSE.