The STAY WYSE Board is responsible for overseeing the following:

  • Supervising the work of the Association and its subsidiaries.
  • Acting as trustees for the Association’s resources.
  • Responsiblty for the execution of policies and strategic directions endorsed at the AGM or other General Assemblies of the Full Members.
  • Calling meetings of the General Assembly and suggesting the agenda for each meeting.
Association Manager

Nimesh Patel, executes the day-to-day management of the STAY WYSE.
Nimesh operates out of the headquarters of the WYSE Travel Confederation in Amsterdam.





Members of the STAY WYSE Board

STAY WYSE has an elected board consisting of a chairperson and five members.

Board members serve a two-year term.  Current members of the STAY WYSE Board include:

Chairperson 2014-2016
Mr Philip Houghton – Director
Smart City Hostels (HOAX Hostels and Smart City Hostels, Edinburgh)
United Kingdom
Member 2013-2015
Carl Michel Executive Chairman of Generator  3 Mr Carl Michel – Executive Chairman
Generator Hostels
United Kingdom
Member   2014 – 2016
Mr Mikael Hansson – CEO
Hostelling International
Member   2014 – 2016
Mr Steve Lowy – General Manager
umi Hotels
United Kingdom
Member   2014 – 2016
Mr Charlie MacGregor – CEO
The Student Hotel