STAY WYSE was formed in 2006 by a group of the world’s leading youth travel accommodation providers to address two critical challenges facing the youth travel accommodation industry:

  • Despite being an important part of the global tourism industry, organisations and companies active in youth accommodation services are not recognised or supported as such by local governments or national tourism authorities.
  • Youth travel accommodation providers operate within a highly fragmented industry and this niche sector lacked a unified global voice to represent its interests and a central body to collate statistics and market intelligence.

The STAY WYSE mission is to address these industry challenges and promote cross-cultural understanding for young people as they travel globally.

This is achieved by providing safe, affordable, clean accommodation with a communal atmosphere that encourages youth mobility and by creating a united voice for this significant sector.

The mandate of the STAY WYSE Association is to promote this mission on a not-for-profit basis. For the sake of clarity, STAY WYSE is a trade association and not a consumer-facing brand.