WYSTC 2013

Please find below an overview of STAY WYSE activities at WYSTC 2013. It also includes links to all Annual General Meeting documentation and forms.

  • Tuesday, 17 Sep, 16:45-18:15: STAY WYSE Annual General Meeting
  • Wednesday, 18 Sep, 10:45-12:15: Insights into the Youth Travel Accommodation Market
  • Thursday, 19 Sep, 10:45-12:15: Between conflict and cooperation – finding win-win outcomes for hostels with online travel agents
  • Friday, 20 Sep, 20:00-01:00: WYSTC 2013 Farewell Reception and Global Youth Travel Awards

The STAY WYSE Annual General Meeting

The STAY WYSE AGM will take place at the Park Royal Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia on Tuesday 17 September at 16:45 to 18:15. Please confirm your attendance HERE. If you are a full voting member and cannot attend the AGM, please assign your proxy vote HERE.

The AGM documentation can be found here:

The AGM will close with an industry reception, kindly sponsored by the Independent Holiday Hostels of Ireland (IHH).

STAY WYSE Board Elections

Three board positions are up for election at the STAY WYSE AGM. These board positions are for a period of two years and will run from 01 January 2014 to 31 December 2015.

The Board shall:

  • Supervise the work of the Association and its subsidiaries.
  • Act as trustees for the Association’s resources.
  • Be responsible for the execution of policies and strategic directions endorsed at the AGM or other General Assemblies of the Full Members.
  • Call meetings of the General Assembly unless otherwise provided for and prepare and suggest the Agenda for all meetings.

The STAY WYSE Board meets on average, once per month during an online call and twice during face-to-face meetings (one of these is at WYSTC).

No remuneration will be paid to Board Members and expenses for attending meetings of the Association will be covered by Board Members unless approved as individual specific request, by a majority vote of the Board.

Interested in running or know someone who would make a great candidate and you would like to nominate?

Simply follow these steps and feel free to email us for any questions:

Step 1

Step 2

  • Prepare your declaration of candidacy presentation; to be given in person at the AGM or via video (video file to be provided before September 11th, 2013 to carla.vaz@wysetc.org). Presentation must be no longer than 2 minutes in duration.

All candidates will be presented online, if form is completed before September 10th, 2013.

STAY WYSE Educational Sessions

STAY WYSE will also be hosting two educational seminars at WYSTC 2013:

1. Insights into the Youth Travel Accommodation Market:

This session will present the findings of two key pieces of research; the STAY WYSE Annual Industry Survey of business operators and the accommodation related findings of the New Horizons survey of over 34,000 young travellers around the world. The STAY WYSE survey is the only global indicator of the state of the YTA sector,  it seeks to provide concrete business metrics that allow operators to benchmark their own performance against global and regional standards. This year’s survey continues to look at bed rates, operating costs, revenues, occupancy, but new questions have also been added on pressing issues surrounding 3rd-party website bookings, 3rd-party website contracts and licensing issues. In addition, findings from the New Horizons survey on the motivations and behaviours of the users of youth travel accommodation will also be presented; how much do they spend, what are their booking behaviours, what activities do they undertake, what benefits do they perceive to gain from travel? Join STAY WYSE to find out more at this seminar to find out more.

Presenter: Professor Greg Richards, University of Tilburg

2. Between conflict and cooperation – finding win-win outcomes for hostels with online travel agents:

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) provide important distribution channels for operators to fill beds and seats. Meanwhile hostel operators provide the product that the agents sell and so provide them their business model. It is thus a symbiotic relationship with the parties mutually dependent.This year, after the merger of the two main OTAs in the hostel market place, the battle for accommodation availability and the most favourable terms continues. Hostel operators are looking to keep control of the terms and conditions under which they run their businesses, whilst the 3rd party backpacker booking engines are looking to be able to compete with the likes of booking.com and Expedia.  In what promises to be a very topical and timely debate, join STAY WYSE at this session to explore ways of how both sides can find common ground going forward to the benefit of the wider hostel sector.

STAY WYSE Green Award

Join STAY WYSE at the Global Youth Travel Awards dinner at WYSTC 2013, where STAY WYSE will be announcing the winner of the STAY WYSE Green Iniative Award.

Through the Green Initiative Award, STAY WYSE would like to recognize the organisation they feel is doing the most year on year to reduce their environmental impact and make “green travel” an important part of their operational activities and encourage others to follow suit.