The benefits of joining STAY WYSE

STAY WYSE offers its members the following benefits and services:

  • A global network of trading partners across the youth and student travel industry.
  • Access to accurate and reliable industry intelligence and market research.
  • High profile representation of the STAY WYSE community at travel industry events worldwide.
  • Networking opportunities at annual industry events such as the World Youth & Student Travel Conference.
  • Best practice guidelines and sharing of leading industry practices.
  • Lobbying of tourism boards and government officials industry to raise recognition and develop opportunities for this sector in countries around the world.
  • Professional development seminars that support member’s ability to learn from each other and operate to high professional standards.
  • Raising the global profile of member organisations with a listing in the annual WYSE Travel Confederation Member Directory and on the STAY WYSE website.
  • Use of the STAY WYSE logo, a trusted global brand.
  • Annual membership of the World Youth, Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation which provides direct access to a global community of 550+ member organisations providing travel experiences to 10 million youth and students.

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“As a government office and regulator, it is very important that we’re aware of what’s happening within the sector and be in a position to support new initiatives. Toerisme Vlaanderen looks upon STAY WYSE as a gateway to exploring the youth accommodation sector on a global scale and as a means to following its developing trends closely”.
Diederik De Bruycker, Tourism Officer, Flanders & Brussels Tourist Board

Types of Membership

There are two types of voting Members and two types of non-voting Members according to type of organisation. Voting members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and help set the strategic direction for the STAY WYSE Association. This is typically held every September during the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC).


Type 1 Accommodation Providers
Any specialist organisation that is primarily an owner or operator of facilities for youth and student accommodation services.

Type 2 Service Providers
Any specialist organisation that has a proven involvement in youth and student accommodation services e.g. booking agent etc


Type 1 Affiliate Members
Any organisations that is not a specialist in youth and student travel services but supplies goods or services to the youth travel accommodation industry e.g. insurance, cleaning, catering services, etc.

Type 2 Official Organisation
Official tourism organisations such as tourism authorities, governments and non-government organisations.

Type 3 Associate Members
This type of membership is available to:

  • Accommodation providers established for less than 2 years. Associate Membership is limited to 2 years, after which point they must upgrade to Full Voting Members and obtain WYSE Travel Confederation Membership.
  • Members of National Associations, through group membership with STAY WYSE

All STAY WYSE members are required to abide by the Constitution and regulations for the Association.