Skills Exchange

To support the mission of ISTC to increase international understanding through the promotion of travel and exchange opportunities amongst students, young people and the academic community, ISTC has launched a new innovative industry initiative to encourage the development of youth and student travel providers in lesser developed countries.

Through the exchange of skills and exposure to best practice examples, the exchange will provide practical support to the development of organisations and programmes that serve young travellers in these areas. Furthermore it will help develop new products and trading partners to the ISTC community and an appreciation of the challenges organisations in the developing world face.

A skills exchange pilot project was suggested by STAY WYSE, the WYSE Travel Confederation sector association for youth travel accommodation. It involves a hostel-to-hostel partnership between a STAY WYSE member, umiHotels in the UK and a hostel called Rosy Guesthouse in Cambodia. The skills exchange pilot project was presented to and approved by the ISTC membership during the AGM at WYSTC, Beijing.

Rosy Guesthouse is delighted to have been selected to be involved in the ISTC skills exchange. We are very much looking forward to guidance and assistance from UMI hotels which we hope will help to run our guesthouse more efficiently through accounting guidance, promote us to more potential guests with a new website and enable us to spend more time developing our business especially our connections with the local community.” Rachel Band – Rosy Guesthouse

Hostel Skill Exchange – Gallerie