Commission Research

By providing distinctive quality research the STAY WYSE team assists senior management, investors, lenders, operators, brand managers, and product and service providers involved in the provision of Youth Travel Accommodation, such as budget hotels, student accommodation and hostels.

Making sound decisions, preparing business and strategic plans, defining priorities, interpreting data, evaluating alternatives or preparing prospective estimates—all of these actions are critical and require thorough research using the best data and the best analytical tools. Research can illuminate an issue, sharpen the focus on superior solutions and reveal compelling arguments for action.

How STAY WYSE can help you
From data gathering to reporting of findings, STAY WYSE applies best practices developed through years of specialized youth travel accommodation research to provide:

  • Effective data gathering
  • Accurate processing of data and information
  • Application of statistical and econometric techniques
  • Articulate and concise statement of findings, conclusions and implications for clients
Making a difference
STAY WYSE can provide you with data on not only ADR (Average Daily Rates) and RevPAR, but also with crucial information for the Youth Travel Accommodation sector on RevPAB (Revenue per available bed).
STAY WYSE helps clients improve their profitability, market share, strategic direction and visibility in the marketplace. Our team can design the appropriate analytical framework to answer critical research questions that will enhance and accelerate your decision-making processes. 

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