Why hotel brands should care cbout Airbnb’s disruption

Recently, Airbnb has released some super cool stats that prove what I have always believed: they are changing the hospitality business. • They created $632 million in economic activity just in New York in one year, and they supported 4,580 jobs throughout the five boroughs. • They have 500,000 properties worldwide. • They have found accommodation […]

Internet Association says subpoena of Airbnb could set a ‘Dangerous Precedent’

Airbnb got some help in its fight against New York State regulators this week from its very close friends at the Internet Association. The Internet Association, a non-profit created by more than 15 Internet companies (including Airbnb), voiced its criticism of the New York State Attorney General’s subpoena that seeks detailed information on the site’s rentals and hosts over the past […]

Short-stay rentals in Amsterdam under threat

In a setback for home owners hoping to earn some extra money by renting their house or apartment online though services such as Airbnb, the Amsterdam Criminal Court has ruled that hiring a private home for a short period falls under “commercial exploitation.” This means that all homes in Amsterdam that have owners associations, the […]

Airbnb refuses to comply with state order to hand over users’ data

Airbnb has rejected an order by New York state to hand over data on 15,000 New York City residents who have used the site for short-term room and apartment rentals. “Airbnb has received a subpoena demanding personal information on all of our hosts in New York,” Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said in an email to […]

New York attorney general demands airbnb hand over data on all NYC hosts

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has requested apartment-sharing site Airbnb hand over user data on an estimated 225,000 New York City hosts by the end of the day today. The Attorney General’s office says it wants to crack down on people operating illegal hotels, disturbing residential neighborhoods with large volumes of rowdy guests, and even […]

Hamburg, Germany changes housing law to allow Airbnb

Airbnb is celebrating another win in Europe with Germany’s second-largest city revising its laws and allowing hosts to temporarily rent out their homes without a license. The city of Hamburg will now let hosts rent out a private room or “occasionally rent out your private residence” without applying for permission, according to a blog post published by […]

Holiday apartment rentals permitted in Amsterdam

The municipality of Amsterdam has intimated that the short-term rental of properties in the city via websites such as Airbnb will not be banned, provided certain conditions are met. Fire safety and tax evasion Earlier this year the city announced that is would be intensifying its investigations into properties listed on websites such as Airbnb. Their concerns […]

Airbnb gears up for big legal and legislative battles in New York

The battle over illegal vacation and apartment rentals in one of the world’s biggest travel markets is getting interesting. The apartment share service Airbnb received an avalanche of bad press when it was reported by CNET on May 21 that a host had been fined, and then erroneously re-written by countless other sites that Airbnb was illegal […]

New York City issues $2,400 fine for renting on Airbnb, but the law is still unclear

Nigel Warren, the New York tenant who ended up in trouble with the city after renting his room out on Airbnb, just got some bad news. A judge on the city’s Environmental Control Board (ECB), which arbitrates these matters, has found Warren’s landlord guilty of violating the state’s illegal hotel law and fined him $2,400. Although […]

NYC & Company launches neighborhood initiative pushing tourists out of midtown

Did a travel startup trend just make its way up to the New York City’s mayor office? We reported last November that the online travel industry had a growing obsession with neighborhood content. Airbnb had just launched its Neighborhoods guides and Hipmunk had updated its hotel search with a neighborhood filter. Well this morning, Mayor Bloomberg, apparently three months late to the […]